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Richard Strauss

Piano Sonata in B minor, Op.5
1. I.Allegro molto appassionat
2. II.Adagio cantabile
3. lll.Scherzo. Presto – Trio. Un poco più lento
4. IV.Finale. Allegretto vivo

Five Piano Pieces, Op. 3
5. No. 1: Andante
6. No. 2: Allegro vivace scherzando
7. No. 3: Largo
8. No. 4: Allegro molto
9. No. 5: Allegro marcatissimo

Stimmungsbilder (Mood Paintings), Op. 9
10. Auf stillem Waldespfad (In silent forests)
11. An einsamer Quelle (At the spring)
12. Intermezzo
13. Träumerei (Reverie)
14. Heidebild (The Heath)

Richard Strauss Piano Music ©
by Kim E. Sommerschield

“They are minor miracles: as refined, as polished, as anything Mendelssohn did in his teenage years”.

Perhaps not everyone would concur with these descriptions of Richard Strauss’piano works Opp. 3 and 5 by that inveterate provocateur Glenn Gould in an interview given shortly before his death in 1982 (the Sonata Op. 5 was indeed the last work the pianist ever recorded). And others still might demur when Gould claims that “with the exception of Mendelssohn, no
sixteen-year-old has ever written with such craft and assurance and I am not forgetting Mozart ” (his italics).

Still, Gould the performer had an uncanny ability to make second-rate music sound first rate, and as someone who labelled himself “an incurabie romantic” it was natural that he nurtured a particular affection for Strauss’ piano compositions.

RELEASE DATE: August 1997


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