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Peter Heise
Poems from the Middle Ages – (Re-created by Thor Lange)
1. Hvorfor ville du spørge mig? (Why do You ask?) – Old Dutch
2. Gammel fransk romance (Old French Ballad) – Old French
3. Unge George Campbell (Young George Campbell) – Scottish
4. Din fader skal ikke skænde (Your Father shall not scold) – Old Dutch
5. Praskoviuschka – Russian
6. Sang (Song) – Wachsmuth von Mühlhausen
7. Skønne fru Beatriz (The Beautiful Mistress Beatriz) – Spanish

The Sorrow of Gudrun – The first song about Gudrun from The Elder Edda (Transl. H.G. Møller)
8. Dengang var Gudrun beredt til døden (Gudrun was ready for death)
9. Hos sad jarlers ædle hustruer (The earls’ noble wives)
10. Da sagde Herborg, Hunelands dronning (Thus said Herborg, the queen of Huneland)
11. Da sagde Gullrønd, Gjukes datter (Thus said Gullrønd, the daughter of Gjuke)
12. Én gang Gudrun end ham skued (Once again Gudrun saw him)
13. Da sagde Gudrun, Gjukes datter (Thus said Gudrun, the daughter of Gjuke)

Fatal Dreams – six poems from “Tannhäuser” by Holger Drachmann
14. Du lægger dig ned en aftenstund (You lay down one evening)
15. Hvor engen har foldet, ved mosens bred (At the bank of the moor)
16. Det blinker med perler (It is twinkling with pearls)
17. Så lad sangen i salene bruse (Then let song sound in the halls)
18. I skoven er der så stille (It is very quiet in the wood)
19. Den blomstrende sommer (The blossoming summer)

20. Det blinker med perler (It is twinkling with pearls)

The Songs of Dyveke (Holger Drachmann)
21. Skal altid fæste mit hår under hue (I must always bind my hair under a cap)
22. Ak, hvem der havde en hue med fjer (Oh, I wish I had a cap adorned with feathers)
23. Hvad vil den mand med kæder på (What does he want the man adorned with chains)
24. Vildt, vildt, vildt suser blæsten (Wildly whistles the wind)
25. Næppe tør jeg tale (I hardly dare to speak)
26. Det stiger, det stiger, det stiger herop (Upwards, upwards it climbs)
27. Se, nu er sommeren kommen (Look, summer has come)

The Leading Danish Composer of Songs ©
By Susanne Lange

Peter Heise (1830-79) was born into a well-to-to family in Copenhagen and his background enabled him to follow his inclination and talent for music in a professional manner. In 1852 he went to Leipzig for further studies. His first opus consisted of songs as did most of his work all through his life.
He did write within other genres – e.a. the most significant opera of the 19th century: Drot og Marsk (King and Marshal), but his importance as the composer of Danish art song – the so-called romancer – is beyond any doubt.

The developement from the fairly simple, often strofic, songs of Heise’s  early years to the songs of his last decade (some of which are recorded on this CD) is amazing. Not that he left the simplicity. There is nothing superfluous in neither songline nor accompaniment.

The four songcycles that we have chosen to record wer – as mentioned above – all written within the last ten years of Heise’s life and are wonderful examples of his mature style.

RELEASE DATE: December 1996


EAN: 5709499446003

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