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Edvard Grieg
Violin Sonata no. 1 in F major, op. 8
1. Allegro con brio
2. Allegretto quasi andantino
3. Allegro molto vivace

Edvard Grieg
Violin Sonata no. 2 in G major, op. 13
4. Lento doloroso – Allegro vivace
5. Allegretto tranquillo
6. Allegro animato

Edvard Grieg
Violin Sonata no. 3 in C minor, op. 45
7. Allegro molto ed appassionato
8. Allegretto espressivo alla Romanza
9. Allegro animato

Total playing time: 66:25

Duo Damgaard-Gryesten ©
Benedikte Damgaard and Emil Gryesten met as schoolmates at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and began their musical collaboration 10 years ago.

They share a profound passion for chamber music and have performed together extensively throughout Denmark, in the Faroe Islands and in Vietnam, in concert series at venues such as Nordens Hus Torshavn, Grand Concert Hall Hanoi, Hue Concert Hall, Copenhagen Summer Festival, Radiohuset Kbh, Glyptotekets Sommerkoncerter, Vendsyssel Festival, and in most of the Danish music societies.

The duo has recently completed a concert series featuring all of the Beethoven violin sonatas.

Both members of the duo have been selected for the Danish Arts Foundation’s “Young Elite” program, a special career development program that supports the artistic and international career development of the most talented young Danish musicians. Individually and together they have released 9 CDs of solo and chamber music, and among their many awards, they have won the Jacob Gade Violin Competition, Nordic Piano Competition, Royal Danish Academy of Music Chamber Music Competition, and Val Tidone International Chamber Music Competition.

Currently, Benedikte is a member of the Royal Danish Orchestra, and Emil is assistant professor of piano and chamber music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

RELEASE DATE: April 2023


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