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Svend S. Schultz
1. En Lille Forårsvise

Fire Engelske Sange
2. John Peel
3. Pigernes Skål
4. De Hundrede Pibere
5. Kom Knøs og Kom Tøs 

8 Sange for blandet kor
6. Musik
7. Telegrafpælene Synger
8. Fuglevisen
9. April
10. Vejrhanen
11. Åliv
12. Yndigt Dufter Danmark
13. Rondeau

Fire Islandske Sange
14. Fjeldet Strækker Sig Op
15. Når Solen Skinner
16. Landet Vågner
17. Jeg Har Haft Et Land

18. Du Gode Jord

Svend S. Schultz ©

Svend S. Schultz grew up in Nykøbing Falster. In 1933, he was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Music with piano as his main instrument. In the first years of his career, Schultz worked as a music teacher and music critic for the Danish paper Politiken. Additionally, he made a name for himself as a choir conductor, and he became closely associated with the Radio Choir as a conductor in 1949, remaining so for the next 30 years. He developed the choir into one of the country’s leading ensembles in both the classical and contemporary repertoire, and he helped set standards for choral sound and diction that became influential for many amateur choirs.

As a composer, Svend S. Schultz was particularly known for his choral works and arrangements of Danish songs, but he also made a name for himself as an opera composer around 1950 with short one-act operas, some of which gained widespread popularity as touring productions (such as Bryllupsrejse) and through television (such as Høst). Schultz was less well-known for his many instrumental works, of which only a few were published and almost none are available in modern recordings.

RELEASE DATE: August 2023


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